General Information

CANADIAN SALES TAX The Government of Canada imposes a 13 % Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). These taxes are payable to the Canadian Government through Canadian Northland Properties when the account is fully paid and title has been transferred to the new owner.

EXCHANGE PRIVILEGE If for any reason, within two years from date of original purchase, you decide to exchange your property for another property of equal or greater value, we will credit all monies paid to Canadian Northland Properties for the property to the new account, less interest and taxes, if any. An exchange fee of $250.00 is payable at the time of transfer.

TRANSFER PRIVILEGE If you decide to resell your property while still paying off the terms of sale, there will be fee of $350.00 to transfer the contracts to the new purchaser.

INSTRUCTION TO ORDER Use our Contact Form , contact the head office, or write a personal letter. If you prefer to order by phone, you must send a signed order form or letter at the same time.

HUNTING If the purpose of your visit is to hunt, you should write in advance to the provincial or territorial capital to obtain a non-resident hunting license and a current set of game regulations. From the same source, you can find out whether an EXPORT PERMIT will be needed, to remove from Canada the game you have killed.

If such a permit is required, be sure to show it to Canadian Customs when you leave the country. Hunters may bring in 200 shells duty-free. Note that all provinces and territories require that five-shot pump or semi-automatic shotguns used for hunting be ‘plugged’ so that at no time can there be more than one shell in the breech and two in the chamber.

MAJOR AIRPORTS Major Canadian international airports are located in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal (Dorval), Québec City, Saint John, Halifax, Gander, and Goose Bay.

For information on hunting and fishing regulations, visit the Ministry of Natural Resources on-line at:

For more information contact:

Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency
Tel: 1-800-461-9999(toll free within Canada)
Tel: (204) 983-3500 or(506) 636-5064 (outside Canada)

VISITORS TO CANADA The first thing you will notice when you arrive in Canada and meet our Customs officers is that they are responsible not only for customs matters but also – to some degree – for immigration, agricultural and health requirements.
By the way, it would be a good idea to check with your own customs authorities before you leave home, to find out what you may or may not bring back from your trip to Canada.

If you are planning to visit Canada, you may find additional information by visiting the Government of Canada’s web site at:

IDENTIFICATION From parts of the world other than the U.S.A., passports are essential, though visas are seldom required. If in doubt about visas, check with the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate.

For U.S. visitors, something more ‘formal’ than a driving license is required. If you are U.S. born, you should bring your birth or baptismal certificate. Otherwise, bring your naturalization certificate or alien registration card.

MOTOR VEHICLES Current U.S. driving licenses are valid in Canada. Visitors from other countries should obtain an International Driving Permit (of the type agreed upon by the 1949 convention on road traffic).

Your own insurance company or automobile club may help you obtain auto insurance that will cover you in Canada, but failing that you should approach one of the insurance companies that has international affiliations. This is one arrangement that cannot be handled quickly and satisfactorily after you have arrived in Canada! ALWAYS carry proof of insurance with you.

If you are driving a rented vehicle, be sure to carry a copy of the rental contract with you and if the vehicle was rented outside Canada, be sure that the contract specifies that it may be driven in Canada.

CROWN LAND You may use Crown Land as if it is your own property.

It may be used for a wide range of activities: for hunting, fishing, berry picking, herb picking, as well as any other kind of recreation activities such as horse riding, skiing, boating, ATV-ing, skidoing, biking, hiking, camping, and gold panning.

Even if you own a large property yourself, but are surrounded by private properties, the above mentioned activities may eventually take you to your neighbour’s property lines, possibly causing privacy limitations and concerns with your neighbours.

The Government of Canada doesn’t sell Crown Land any more. Properties bounded by Crown Land are rare. Usually they have a high idealistic value, too, which influences their market value.

For these reasons, properties next to or near Crown Land have an added advantage and value. With Crown Land as your neighbour you can own much less land yourself and still enjoy the same privileges. It means less investment, lower taxes, fewer responsibilities.
Find the Ministry of Natural Resources on-line at:

Be sure to visit the MNR’s fishing website:

SHORELINE RESERVATION All waterfront property in Northern Ontario has a standard 66 foot shoreline reservation, unless otherwise transferred to the Deed. This reservation can be as deep as 200 feet on some properties. This part of the property is owned and controlled by the Ministry of Natural Resources. No permanent development or shoreline development is allowed on this reservation. The shoreline reservation may be purchased from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Kirkland Lake District Office.

An administration fee of $1000.00 is charged by the Ministry of Natural Resources plus the additional market value of the reservation to be acquired. This only applies if you are considering purchasing the shoreline reservation. The Ministry of Natural Resources determines the additional value. The process could take up to 18 months if the Ministry of Natural Resources does agree to the sale.

For more information please call the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-705-568-3222

SURFACE RIGHTS INCLUDED You are the Deeded property owner and have the legal right to walk & enjoy the surface of the property. You can build or construct a dwelling on the surface of the property. For more detailed information, please call the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

1-705-670-5742 & 1-888-415-9845
or phone the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Kirkland Lake District Office

TIMBER RIGHTS RESERVED Timber rights reserved means that all the timber (trees) standing on the property do not belong with the property. These trees are reserved to the Provincial Government or to an individual. This includes all tree species except Pine trees.

Although the Government owns the trees they do require the permission of the property owner to harvest those trees. If the property owner wishes to harvest the trees on the parcel, the owner must call the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Kirkland Lake District Office for further details at 1-705-568-3222.

A stumpage fee is owed to the Ministry of Natural Resources when harvested.

TIMBER RIGHTS INCLUDED You, the property owner, own the trees except the Pine.

PINE RIGHTS RESERVED All Pine trees standing on the property are owned by the Provincial Government or to an individual. The property owner does not own these trees. To harvest Pine trees you must contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Kirkland lake District Office 1-705-568-3222. The Pine rights can be purchased from the Government.

PINE RIGHTS INCLUDED You, the property owner, own the Pine trees.

MINERAL RIGHTS RESERVED The minerals above or below the surface are reserved to the Government, Mining Company, Prospector or a private individual.

This includes all precious metals, ores, sand & gravel. When a Mining Company, Prospector or other individual own the mineral rights, they do not need the owners permission to go on the property and do exploration work. The Mining Company, Prospector or other individual only need to inform you in writing, the day before, of their intent to perform work.

Owning the timber rights on the property, when the mineral rights are reserved, is a very large plus for the property owner.

The majority of prospectors and mining companies are very good to work with, and between the owner and themselves, will normally work out a fair compensation package for any exploration work that will be performed.

All private properties that were patent under the Private Lands Act prior to 1913, have the mineral rights included in the property. For more information (and there is much more), please call the Ministry of Northern Development & Mines, 1-705-670-5742 or

MINERAL RIGHTS INCLUDED You, the property owner, own the minerals above & below the surface.

ALL DEPOSITS (ONCE APPLIED TOWARDS A PROPERTY) ARE NON-REFUNDABLE or can be applied towards a property in the future.

DUTY-FREE GOODS Besides personal luggage, you may bring in certain goods free of duty and taxes.

OFFICE HOURS We have a competent staff to serve you by mail, telephone, or in person, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Feel free to visit us on the web at or call 905-243-6498 at any time for information.