Terms & Policies

Our properties are sold on a first come, first served basis. We suggest you email, phone, fax or write your Order because the lands are selling fast! Be sure to read our Terms that offer additional benefits.

FIRST COME. FIRST SERVED. Each parcel of land described in the "Property List" will be sold to the first person who sends us an order accompanied by initial payment. If your order is received too late, we will return your deposit promptly, but if you make two alternative choices you will avoid disappointment as one of the three will almost certainly be available.

TERMS OF PAYMENT are quoted in the individual property descriptions and the purchaser may choose for himself whether to take advantage of the discount offered for cash or to pay in regular monthly installments. Other terms to better suit a purchaser will be considered.

If payments are to be made by installments, the first monthly payment will fall due one month from the date of acceptance of the order and regularly each month thereafter on the same date until the purchase price is paid in full.

Regularity of monthly payments is essential. Interest will be calculated monthly on the unpaid balance of the account (including taxes paid on the customer’s behalf) at a rate of 9% per annum. Outstanding balances may be paid out at any time WITHOUT PENALTY.

Alternative payment plans may be designed to accommodate your personal requirements.

PAYMENT. For the convenience of our customers, we accept PayPal, EMT, Money Order, Certified Cheque or personal cheque for subscriptions, map orders, down-payments and payment on accounts.

EXCHANGE. If for any reason, within two years from date of original purchase, you decide to exchange your property for another of equal or greater value, we will credit all monies paid for the property to the new account, less interest and taxes, if any. This is providing the property is in the same (or improved) condition as when you purchased it.

The new property must be of the same (or greater) value. An exchange fee of $250.00 is payable at the time of transfer.

DESCRIPTIONS. Some of the descriptions contained in our properties are taken from government maps, reports and other reliable sources. While we do not guarantee them, we believe them to be accurate. If survey is available, we will mention it in the description.

PROPERTY LISTS. Property Lists are also available by mail. We normally mail them on the last Friday of the month to all subscribers – three days before being made available to the general public. You may subscribe to our Preferential Subscription Service and get this advance mailing each month by first class mail.

MAPS. Detailed government topographical maps, which cover approximately fifty square miles, are available with the specific location of our properties for $15.00 (taxes and S/H included).

NO MORTGAGE! Under our purchase plan, you never need carry the burden of a mortgage. When you have paid the purchase price, plus interest and any money exchange costs, we will on receipt of a four hundred dollars ($400.00) fee, convey to you a good and marketable title without mortgage encumbrances.

PROPERTY TAXES. The buyer is required to pay taxes for the current year (2008) and for the duration of ownership. Taxes are not apportioned to the date of contract. A Twenty dollar charge (including Canadian Sales Tax) per tax bill will be added for bank, handling, and maintenance fees to pay taxes and carry on necessary correspondence with Municipalities for the duration of the contract.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Purchasers outside Canada may remit cheque or money order in Canadian or United States funds. At present, we allow a five percent premium on United States Currency. This rate is subject to change.

INFORMATIONS. Informations contained in our property descriptions is taken from government maps, topographical maps, reports, and other reliable sources and while we do not guarantee it, we believe them to be accurate.

NO REAL ESTATE AGENTS. We keep our prices down by employing no agents or representatives and paying no commissions. All transactions are handled through our office in Toronto. No one can buy any one of these parcels at a price lower than that quoted in our price lists.

NON-RESIDENTS OF CANADA. May purchase property in Canada under the same conditions as Canadian residents.

TAXES. Taxes are not apportioned to the date of contract. A $20.00 charge (including Canadian Sales Tax) per tax bill will be added for bank, handling, and maintenance fees to pay taxes and carry on necessary correspondence with Municipalities for the duration of the contract.

CANADIAN SALES TAX – The Government of Canada imposes a thirteen percent (13%) Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on the full purchase price of the property payable to the Canadian Government through Canadian Northland Properties when the account is fully paid and title has been transferred to the new owner.

TRANSFER PRIVILEGE. If you decide to resell your property while still paying off the terms of sale, there will be fee of $350.00 to transfer the contracts to the new purchaser.

INSTRUCTION TO ORDER. Use the Order Form on this page, contact the head office, or write a personal letter. If you prefer to order by phone, you must send a signed order form or letter at the same time.

OFFICE HOURS. We have a competent staff to serve you by mail, telephone, or in person, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Feel free to visit us on the web at www.northlandproperties.ca or
call 905-243-6498 at any time for information.